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My First Tableau Stories

Tableau visualizations are meant to be shared.  The purpose of this post is to experiment with some of the Tableau visualization formats and their appearance within the web.  This page can be displayed on various internet-connected devices, and the change in appearance due to various Tableau settings can be observed.

I created my first Tableau stories using Tableau Public, following the tutorial series on the Tableau Public Resources pages.  I used the World Bank Data provided in the tutorials.  My stories generally follow the approach in the tutorials, but I have done some small humble customizations and created my own narrative.  At this point, I have not done the manipulations to create specific layouts for specific device types.

My first story shows total CO2 emissions by country over a multi-year period.  The story contains one worksheet (no dashboards) and the story display size is set to automatic.

Apparently WordPress.com will not let me embed the visualization directly using the HTML code provided by Tableau.

The visualization looks good on my small format Chromebook and on the iPad.

The visualization throws errors when I try to look at it on my old Android or on an older iPhone.

Here is the link to the first story.


More to come shortly!


Report Card: Tableau Public Tutorials

I just completed taking the Tableau Public Tutorials.  It is easy to see why this amazing data virtualization product is taking the marketplace by storm.

The tutorials consist of 19 videos, each introducing a particular Tableau topic.  They are arranged in logical order from data import to creating compelling stories with data.  All of the demonstrations are based upon some data from the World Bank on atmospheric carbon dioxide emissions by country.  The tutorials use the “Tell, Show, and Follow” method.  The video explains a Tableau function or feature and shows how that function is used.  The student can then follow along by recreating the work using the same data and the Tableau Public software distribution.  The student can then publish his or her work for the world to see.  Here is my humble effort.

As an actual product and method training exercise, the tutorials are very brief.  It seems much like a quick tour of the bridge of the Starship Enterprise.  “Here is the screen where we track the Romulans.  Here is the button we use to launch the photon torpedoes.”  I plan to use additional materials to learn the Tableau product (and other visualization tools) in depth.

One charming aspect of this series was the different English language dialects and accents of the various speakers.  I will leave it to you to determine which were dialects and which were accents.

(Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pixabay)