Portfolio and Practices

Most of my project deliverables  and work products are considered confidential by my clients and previous employer.  While these don’t showcase my talents, here are a few sample items that show some of my humble skills.



I co-authored a book on real-world configuration of one of IBM’s more complex storage software products.  Though the sponsor originally envisioned a very nuts-and-bolts technical guide, I brought a more strategic chapter that provided the reader with guidance on deployment planning.  (I wrote Chapter 4 and provided narrative and editing in the rest of the book.)

In its heyday, it was published in softback and available on Amazon.  Though the technical chapters are now very dated, the book is still available in PDF format from IBM Redbooks.  If you are nostalgic for the days when “big data” meant terabytes, here is a copy for your reading pleasure.

Training Presentation

I prepared and presented a six-part training series to my team on using a (then new) web-based business social software  and content management software suite (IBM Connections.)  My training sessions focused on applying the capabilities of the software in order to accomplish real projects.  Each session started with a “concepts” presentation, then moved on to a live demonstration of the software.  The sessions were recorded and the presentation file contained screenshots, so that the audience could revisit the methods later, or a larger audience could take the training later.

Here is a very slightly redacted version of the sixth presentation in the series.  The preceding five presentations had the same flavor, but covered other capabilities and methods.

Technical Procedure Documentation

I prepared a technical document for a client showing exactly what steps would be required to rebuild their Tivoli Storage Manager server as part of a disaster recovery exercise or actual event.  I participated in three DR test exercises with this particular client, and updated and improved the document slightly each time.

Here is a version of the technical guide, with some identity data masked or obfuscated.

Consultant’s Technical Recommendations

I have prepared a number of technical recommendations for clients.

Marketing Presentation

I prepared a marketing presentation for Sellers to deliver to prospective customers.  This presentation provided an overview of Applications Performance Monitoring and a new service I helped develop that integrated APM with one of IBM’s managed services.

Architectural Process Manual

I developed a architectural process manual to guide new Storage Services Architects in thoroughly developing client requirements in order to develop effective solutions.


Here are some materials I’ve assembled recently in order to maintain old skills or develop new abilities with tools.

Excel VBA

Using VBA, I developed a spreadsheet utility to safeguard private account codes.  (Details available in my blog.)

Excel Tables

Using Excel tables and pivot tables, I performed some simple exploratory data analysis on some recent US earthquake data.

Excel Charts

Using Excel tables, I practiced some detailed chart controls for scatter charts while performing some simple exploratory data analysis on 20th century warship characteristics.  I added Excel validation and some VBA code for data change control to the main table.

(Image courtesy of 422737 at Pixabay.)