My Favorite Excel VBA References

Here are some references I’ve found particularly useful when developing or debugging SQL code.  When trying something new, I like to have a user’s guide open at my left elbow, a language reference guide open at my right elbow, and a steaming cup  above the keyboard.  (With Excel VBA, that cup usually needs to be a soothing cup of tea instead of the usual jolt of coffee.)  When debugging, I like to have a debugger reference on the left, and a large unloaded revolver at my right.  (The bugs find the revolver intimidating, and I find that snapping sound more rewarding than admitting my programming errors.)


To effectively learn a new programming language, I like having a well-organized written framework that guides my perspective on the structure and use of that language.  Here are a couple of on-line documents that provide that kind of framework.

VBA User’s Guides

These focus on techniques for using specific methods.  They are generally stronger than beginner’s introductions.

VBA Reference Guides

These provide encyclopedic reference on the details of function and syntax.

VBA Style Guides

These provide some best practices on structuring the code.  (I’m embracing the new standard of abandoning Hungarian notation in lieu of more descriptive naming.)

VBA Cookbooks

VBA Tutorials

The better organized on-line tutorials easily serve as user’s guides.

(Image courtesy of the3cats at Pixabay.)


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