Report Card: The Basics of Data for Analytics on Lynda

I’ve been reading some books and taking some classes to make sure I build the right foundation in data analysis and data science.  I have a challenge in making sure I don’t miss any important starting building blocks, but don’t want to spend too much time at the beginning.

I just completed the Basics of Data for Analytics class on and I certainly recommend this on-line class for the right audience.  This is a foundation level class in both data and analysis.  For anyone with almost any background in IT or MIS, the introduction to data is simplistic.  However, the introduction to data analysis quickly runs through some important processes and touches on some important insights.  (I’ve never before heard reporting referred to as “a high stakes game.”)

The course uses the traditional audio lecture with slides format.  Robin Hunt has done a very good job here.  The lectures are flawlessly delivered.  Her presentation materials are simple, clear, and direct.  One particularly charming feature is that Robin’s voice sounds much like my very favorite aunt.  I could listen to her talk for hours, and hope that she will share more detailed insights in the future.

The course incorporated 34 minutes of video in 17 short lectures, with 1 accompanying  file.

This course has no exercises, final exams, grades, or certifications.

(Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pixabay)