Report Card: Data Science Orientation on edX

I am pursuing the Microsoft Professional Program for Data Science, which includes a professional certification.  This is a curriculum of 15 courses (11 required) covering such topics as statistics, data analysis, visualization, machine learning, and predictive modeling.  There are two separate tracks supporting a focus on either the R language or Python.  I want to thank my friend Terry Turton for recommending this program.

I just completed the opening course called DAT101X:  Data Science Orientation.  The course objective is to introduce the fundamentals of data science and data analysis with a focus on basic statistics.  It is built around a simple business model of a ice cream and lemonade business in a resort town, using Excel to perform some interesting statistical analyses in order to make some business decisions.  It includes basic data science activities such as data cleaning, analytics, and visualization.

The course incorporated about 4 hours of video in about 20 lectures, with accompanying exercises (with files included.)  The course is structured to be taken part-time over about 6 weeks.  I focused about half of my business weekday hours, and pressed through in about 1 week.

This course includes a final exams, final grades, and certifications.  (It is hard to not get a 100% score on an introductory course.)  You can see my shiny certification at edX here.

(Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pixabay)