Report Card: Python Tutorial from

It took some time, but I recently completed the Python tutorial series provided by the Python organization.  I have explored some of the other on-line tutorials, but particularly liked this one.  It is both thorough and broadly comprehensive.  It comes in one flavor for Python V2 and one for Python V3.  Based somewhat on faith and optimism, I chose to take the Python Version 3 path.

This tutorial has 16 major chapters, and approximately 104 sections.  There is a small bit of unevenness in the pacing, as some chapters near the end kind of summarize a bit and leave the student to explore deeper on his or her own.  I did have to skip the section on Formatted String Literals.  This is reported to be a new feature of Python V3.6, and my current training install is Anaconda at V3.5.2.

I particularly like the data structures in Python, and this tutorial inspired me to create and experiment on my own with the kind of complex nested data structures that I expect to be working with in the field.

This course has no final exams, grades, or certifications.

(Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pixabay)