Report Card: Excel Essentials on Lynda

I’ve been using spreadsheets since Bill Gates was merely a millionaire.  (Lotus 1-2-3 was already legendary 2 years before Excel was first shipped.)  However, it is always good to explore some new features and practice some old techniques.

I just completed the Excel 2016 Essential Training class on and I heartily recommend this on-line class.  The course syllabus starts at the absolute beginning and continues through a number of intermediate topics, including VLOOKUP, pivot tables,  macros, and the data analysis tools (Goal Seek, Solver, etc.)

Dennis Taylor has done a very good job here.  The lectures are flawlessly delivered.  His diction is so clear that it is possible to accelerate the delivery rate to 1.5x and still clearly understand what is being presented.  The on-screen time is 100% focused on the Excel tool, with excellent use of pointers, highlighting, and other visual cues.  (I believe too many on-line classes waste screen time showing the presenter blather away in a poorly prepared “studio” space.)

The course incorporated 9 hours of video in 15 lectures, with 15 accompanying exercises (with files included.)

This course has no final exams, grades, or certifications.

(Image courtesy of jarmoluk at Pixabay)