Learning IT Project Management in Austin

I highly recommend the IT Project Management class offered taught here in Austin by an experienced team of IT Project Managers.  Though I already had years of experience leading many different kinds of IT projects of all sizes, I found the class very useful in putting a strong framework around IT PM activities and processes.  It was also thought-provoking and introduced a number of new concepts.  Let by Bob Futrell, the class featured a teaching team of about a half dozen working IT PM professionals with a wide variety of experience, insight, and cultural backgrounds.

One key feature of the class was a “project within a project” double learning exercise.  The class was divided into teams, and each team undertook a PM training exercise.  Our team had folks from a wide variety of backgrounds, skills, and different levels of enthusiasm.  Leading, motivating, and coordinating the team was an interesting learning exercise in itself.  The focus of the training exercise was performing a simulated software development and deployment exercise, using a web-based simulation package similar to PC gaming.  The simulation provided a nicely-sized practice managing this kind of typical IT project, including all the typical budgeting, staffing, technical, HR, and executive oversight issues.

If you are interested in ramping up your IT PM skills, or are looking for the right class to satisfy PMP education requirements, I highly recommend this class.   It is offered through Austin Community College.  The session I attended was taught at the ACC Highland campus in central Austin, but I see that it is also offered on-line and in some of the outlying ACC campuses.


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