Do School Buses Dream of Snow?

It is Sunday morning, and I’m driving to a major airport in a city on the US East Coast, after assisting a financial firm perform an 88-hour disaster recovery exercise.  After a clear night, it is now snowing quite heavily.  I’m driving past the parking area for this city’s school buses.  Hundreds of yellow buses are sleeping quietly, beneath a growing blanket of snow.  I’m certain that, for miles around me, thousands of school children are delighting in the Sunday snowstorm, and hoping the snow will continue to fall enough to cancel school on Monday morning.  Do school buses dream of snow and the chance to sleep in on a weekday?  Or, do school buses dream of school children, and yearn for another day of all the joys and chaos of traveling children?

Participating in a DR exercise can be quite challenging.  Long hours in windowless rooms with co-workers, little or poor sleep, close quarters, erratic meals, short tempers, all punctuated with technical problems.  However, it is a privilege to be asked to help make a DR exercise successful.

(Image courtesy rihaij at Pixabay.)


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